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My name is Druimé. It’s Irish and is pronounced Drimay.

Eighteen years ago I was given my first camera by my parents as I embarked on a round the world adventure with friends.

Since then I have rarely had a camera out of my hand. I have gone on to complete a Diploma in Professional Photography.

However photography is an area where you never stop learning. As such I usually have my head stuck in Photography books or I attend short courses and workshops. I seem to spend all my money on pursing this passion.

My travels brought me from Ireland to Australia. Where I have been ever since.

I have rested my feet upon the white sandy shore of the Indian Ocean in Perth Western Australia.

I love the outdoors, camping and slow beach combing adventures along a windswept winter shoreline.

I also like to photograph people enjoying the great outdoors. I love nature, I love animals. However I also love people.

My style is relaxed. I like family lifestyle and documentary photography. In your photoshoot I offer, candid lifestyle on location or in the comfort of your own home.

Family photo sessions that focus on tender, true and natural moments. After which you will be provided with a private curated online gallery of 30-40 of the best of the best images from our hour long session.

I prompt you when needed but mostly I want you to just wander as a close and loving unit. Allow me to gently direct your children, because I feel its important that we let them be themselves for as long as possible. If you are trying to capture their attention for me we may not be able to capture those genuine smiles and sparkly eyes and this can lead to grumpy children.

I see our photoshoot as a partnership where we can discuss your vision , what photos you really want on your walls. I can provide you with expert advice and I will gently direct you during your photoshoot. I want you to enjoy this experience that you have invested in and I do everything in my power to ensure this is the case.

Your one hour will simply be time for you to drop everything and just enjoy each others company. Does that sound like heaven ?

I have learnt through my years of capturing memories which photographs will stand the test of time.

They are not the photos of pretty flowers or stunning mountain vistas. The photographs we really want to have, to hold and to treasure are those of our loved ones.

The photographs of mothers holding their children, the pictures of tiny tender moments between busy parents. These are the images that can show your children how much they were loved.

A photograph to remind you of when your belly was swollen with brand new tender life.

A photograph of our treasured elders and the wisdom behind their eyes.

A photograph capturing tenderness between two new lovers.

Or simply a portrait of you. I know your future self will be grateful that you decided to be kind to yourself and preserve what you look like today.

I am always truly honoured when I am allowed to take your photograph.

So get in touch if you can see the value of documenting your fleeting days.